How to make your name ringtone for Free

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Friends, what is your name ringtone? Many people do not know about it. So let’s get to know about it first. When someone’s phone arrives on your mobile. And whatever Tune rings. It is called Ringtone.

Ringtone is already the default set in mobile. There are many other types of Tunes in mobile, which you can set as Ringtone.

make your name ringtone for Free

You can also set your ringtone to any song from your mobile memory. Today we are going to make our name Ringtone. So let’s know about it-

Like my name is Ram. And I make my name ringtone. So it will ring like this-

  •   Ram Ji Aapse Koi Bat Karna Chahta Hai
  •     Mr. Ram Please Pickup The Phone
  •     Ram Ji Phon Uthalo Urgent Call Hai
  •     Ram Bhai Please Pickup The Phone
  •     Ram Ji Aapka Phone baj Raha Please Uthaiye.
  •     Ram Ji Kripya Apna Phone Uthaiye Aapko Kisi Ne Yaad Kiya Hai.

Now you must have understood what ringtone is. With this, now what is the difference between Ringtone and Caller Tune. Know it

make your name ringtone Step By Step

It is very easy to make ringtone of your name. Because there is no need to have any kind of technical information in it. A normal Smart Phone user can also make it very easily.

I am going to tell you the way today. By following this, you can make and download your name ringtone very easily. So let’s know about this method –

Step- 1. First of all search in Google or any browser in your mobile. If you want, you can also search FDMR in this short.

Step-2. Now this website will open in front of you. In the top side, you will see a search box. Search your name in it. Like I do my name Ram Search.

Step-3. After this you will see all the ringtones associated with your name. Of these, click the one you like. After this, you will see the option to download this ringtone.

Step-4. Now as soon as you click on download. Ringtone starts ringing. You can download ringtones from the option next to Player.

If your name ringtone is not found here. So you don’t need to panic. Because they have also removed the solution for this problem.

For this, you have to go to the Facebook page of FDMR. And after liking it, whatever name and sentence you have to make Ringtone. Message him on their page. Like I want a ringtone like this Ram Gadri its important call please pick up the phone so I will send the same message.

After a few days, they will send the download link of your ringtone to the reply of your message. And if you do not want to do this work. Then follow the below given (App) method.

If your question is Jio Phone Me Apne Naam Ki Ringtone Kaise Banaye. Even then you will be able to make this way very easily.