How to Make a Ringtone for your favorite song

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To make your phone even better with the music you like, pay attention to the points given below:

favorite song to ringtone online

Follow This Step And Make Ringtone Any Songs

Step : 1

First of all go to an online ringtone creator website from your online system. There are innumerable websites where you can insert your music clip and remove your favorite part from it. The special thing of these websites is that they do not charge any kind. With the help of internet, choose a website that is being used extensively.

Step : 2

After this, watch the options given in this website carefully. There is an option of ‘upload song’, where you can browse and select your favorite music pre-saved in your computer. Many websites give you ‘cloud storage’ for this. Most of the services support many popular audio formats, which are easily available audio formats like MP3, AAC, M4A, WAV, WMA etc.

Step : 3

Once the audio is uploaded, you can create your ring tone by choosing the part of your choice from that audio. The maximum time limit for ringtones in most phones is 30 seconds.

Step : 4

After this, decide your bit rate. Most phones do not have very good audio speakers. So the ringtones made from here are of bit quality with standard quality. The size of the file with low bit rate is also small and the work also goes very well. Many such software produces ringtones with a bit rate of 96 kbps, although bit rate ringtones of up to 320 kbps, which are of CD quality.

Step : 5

After this, set the audio format of your ringtone according to your phone. M4R format supports ringtones in iPhone, but MP3 ringtones are supported in most phones.
After this you can get your ringtone the way you want. Many types of websites offer the option of either email or download. The ringtone can also be found directly in your phone via email.

Step : 6

Many such applications are also available, with the help of which ringtones can be prepared in your smart phone. All these applications work in smart phones and the way a ringtone is made in the website, in the same way, with the help of these, a ringtone is also prepared. One special thing in the application is that many ringtone cutters run offline i.e. with the help of any internet.

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