How to Create Name Ringtone With Music

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Since the beginning of Cell Phones, there is always enthusiasm among people about Ringtones. This is because people do not like a ringtone for a long time, just like we do not like to wear a type of cloth again and again, the same ringtone is not liked by any mobile users. So they are always looking for how to make new and unique ringtones.

Create Name Ringtone

If you want to download your Naam’s Ringtone Mp3 in your phone. So you have come to the right place. Sometimes you have definitely heard Ringtone from his Naam in another Android mobile phone. Like- Sunil, your phone is ringing, pick it up.

Many people who want to set their own name ringtone in their mobile. Let me tell you that with the help of internet, you can make any ringtone you want and these tasks are very easy, for this you will not need a computer, you can do this from your smartphone. So let’s know how to do all this.

How to make Apne Naam’s ringtone – optoon – 1

We have added FDMR to the first number in the website that makes the ringtone, FDMR is a very popular website to make your name ringtone, all its ringtones are in MP3 format, so you can use your name in any mobile from FDMR. To make a ringtone, you follow this tape and Apne Naam Ka Ringtone Download Kare

Step : 1 : Go to Website

Enter your name in step 2 box, by whatever name you want to make Ringtone, then click on Search Button

Step 3 Search Click on Ringtone Button, you will see a lot of ringtone in your name. Click on whatever you want to download.

Step 4 Now you will see Download Button in green color, click on it

Step 5 Download Apne Naam Ki Ringtone will be played as soon as you click on the button. Now click on the dot 3 to download the ringtone.

Download FDMR Name Ringtone Maker App Option 2

If you want to make your name ringtone by downloading FDMR Name Ringtone Maker App in mobile, then you can download it from the link given below.

Download FDMR AppMy Name Ringtone Maker & Flash Alerts

Make ringtones with your desired name in JIO Phone – Option 3

If you are not getting the ringtone of your desired name, then you do not need to worry because the website mentioned above also makes a ringtone of your name on your request, it is also absolutely free.

There are many people who have to make a ringtone of their name but do not get the ringtone of their name and they think that they may never be able to make a ringtone of their name. But this is not the case at all.

From where you can request for your name Ringtone. After going to its Facebook page, you have to like their page first. They deserve so much that they can ask for one like you.

After liking, you have to message them, in which you have to write what name and how you want a ringtone. As we have already seen. After seeing your message, the team of Fdmr website will reply to you with the download link of your ringtone in a few days.

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